How to Stand Out For a Dental Assistant Position During an Interview

Once you received the hoped-for phone call to bring you into the dental office for an interview, try remembering these key talking points to help you stand out and ultimately land that dental assistant job of your dreams!

Demonstrate your knowledge and experience.

You want to let your interviewer know that you are qualified with the necessary skills needed to ensure success in the dental office. Let she/he know that you've ticked all boxes for requirements by adding what outcome you've produced from the skills you've learned.

Indicate your willingness to learn

If you feel like you might not have all the requirements that they are asking for, let them know that you are eager to continue to learn with the presented experience ahead of you.

Show your compassionate side

Assistants play a significant role in the dental experience of a patient. Often, even when a patient wishes to return for follow-up, you can make a significant difference. Thus, it is important that you communicate during a dental assistant interview that your first priority as an assistant is patient concern.

Express your team spirit!

Dental assistants regularly agree that the best part of their job is to work as a member of a fantastic dental team, along with helpers who often support one another. We have heard that the best teammates are healthy, supportive, uplifting, cooperative and welcoming, and share those top qualities. Sounds like you? Make sure that the hiring dentist knows this!

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